55 GEL
Detailed description:

Perfect for masturbation, the Joy Cup masturbator cups will become your perfect companions for any occasion.

Made of TPE, it is soft and flexible, ideal to adapt to the shape of your penis and give you personalized pleasure. Remember that for the sensations to increase you must use your favorite water lubricant before each use (N-506).

To clean your masturbator you only have to use a little warm water and a good toy cleaner (N-507) and dry it well. If ejaculation has occurred inside, remove the sleeve and clean it well, if it has occurred outside, it is not necessary to remove it, just use the cleaner and a little warm water.

Male masturbation has many health benefits, and we list them here:

  • Reduces the possibility of prostate cancer.
  • It is a natural relaxer, try it after a hard day at work or just to spend the afternoon, or the day, or the night ...
  • With the regular use of these cups you can see an improvement in the mobility of sperm
  • Thanks to ejaculation many of the bacteria that we have in the body are expelled, cleaning and being able to avoid infections.
  • But the best of all is the increase in happiness thanks to the fact that our brain, when reaching ecstasy, releases dopamine and oxytocin.


  • Vagina Shape
  • Material: soft, flexible and body safe TPR
  • Phthalate free
  • Easy to clean
  • Realistic penetration
  • Reusable